Transforming Teams, Elevating Performance

When teams learn to adapt, they become high-performing. We have a variety of tools to strengthen leadership teams, leading to greater organizational health and effectiveness.

Team 360

Do you see opportunities for your team to grow trust, communication and/or understanding to grow or sustain high performance? Or has your team reached a place where it feels "stuck," and needs to change or drive change faster? Adaptive Leaders Team 360 helps provide team members with a safe way to provide feedback to help the team grow in the most high impact areas. Our Leadership Team Coaches are experienced with helping teams grow understanding to overcome common challenges and develop team commitments and rhythms to grow teamwork, performance and value for its members and the organization.

The Working Genius

Are you looking for new ways to understand your team and maximize team performance? We use industry leading tools, such as Patrick Lencioni’s “The Six Types of Working Genius”, to help teams thrive. Lencioni’s model categorizes individuals into six work-related types then maps out teams. This tool, and others we use, helps teams improve understanding, productivity, and performance.

Team Offsites

Looking to elevate your team dynamics? Our offsite gatherings offer a change of scenery where teams can step away from their usual environment to focus on team-building, enhanced collaboration, and/or strategy refresh in an inspiring setting. We customize the content and flow of offsites to combine elements of our most popular programs to match the needs of your team.


How can you best influence and motivate your team? Adaptive Leaders offers a structured program aimed at cultivating influence and communication skills for leaders, empowering them to inspire their colleagues and positively impact the organization as a whole. Our Influence Program involves training, coaching, and the development of personalized strategies to enhance individual and collective influence in your business.

Collaboration Sprints

Do you want to learn a new way for teams to work together in a faster and more focused way? Collaboration sprints are 5-week, structured programs where teams members come together to learn and improve on their personal goals that have the most impact on the collaboration of their teams. The program combines the value and wisdom of The Developmental Sprint Coaching Program with Adaptive Leaders insights from more than 30,000 hours of leadership development experience.

Delegation Sprints

Our experience has revealed the majority of leaders struggle with some aspect of delegation at different points throughout their careers. Have your leaders overcome their assumptions about delegation to consistently perform in this area? Effective delegation is a crucial leadership skill that involves consistently setting clear expectations and maintaining support throughout the delegation cycle. It is the crucial skill leaders need to motivate and develop their people, while maintaining enough strategic focus to anticipate needed changes and develop the right culture.