ADAPTIVE Leaders / Group Coaching Programs

We provide both standard and customized programs to help leaders and teams of leaders growing in crucial skills and common challenges. Here are our “Top 10” offerings:

  1. Leading Innovation: How can you lead in and through innovation?
  2. Performance Management: How can you best manage the performance of your team?
  3. Delegate to Motivate: What are common challenges to effective delegation and how can you overcome them?
  4. Leader as Coach: How can you coach the teams you lead?
  5. Leading Cross-Culturally: How do you navigate diverse, cross-cultural teams?
  6. Cross-functional collaboration: How can cross-functional teams collaborate well?
  7. Growing Stakeholder Influence: How can you motivate your team members to own their piece of projects and be deeply committed to the overall well-being of the organization?
  8. Storytelling and Executive Communication: How can you become a more effective communicator?
  9. Strategic Thinking: How can your thinking become more adaptive and strategic?
  10. Effective Self-Leadership: How do you manage yourself?