Adaptive Strategy

Innovate, Rethink and Deliver Results

We empower leaders to adapt their strategy so their teams can respond to volatile markets and uncertain times. We don’t design your strategy: we facilitate a process where you redesign and align.

Design Thinking

Do you need someone outside your organization to help your teams identify solutions and pathways previously unseen? Our Design Thinking Advisors guide your team through a human-centered design process to better understand key stakeholders, then prototype and refine solutions that address core issues and opportunities.

Strategy Refresh

Is your company growing rapidly or facing a changing environment? Or does your past strategy no longer resonate with your core business? Our “Strategy Refresh” involves reevaluating your company's goals and market conditions, considering what adjustments are needed for your changing circumstances, and aligning your team around a roadmap with full team commitment. This process helps you rethink your holistic strategy including organizational values, vision, and mission. We help you create new possibilities and then bring them to life through your teams.

The FIMA Tool™ for Strategy Execution

How can you close the gap between your strategy initiatives and your actual performance? Fixing strategy-to-execution gaps involves aligning your organization's strategic goals with its operational actions to bridge the divide between planning and implementation. We help you leverage our proprietary process that includes measuring the right indicators, consistent communication and accountability rhythms, and adaptability to ensure that your organization effectively executes your strategic initiatives.

Lego Serious Play™

Are you looking for new ways to help your team solve problems? Unlock the imagination of your teams to find creative solutions and make decisions in a safe environment that grows teamwork and collaboration. Help your team grow alignment by utilizing their hands to communicate thoughts and emotions through lego builds. Our certified LSP instructors facilitate outcomes in fun ways that help teams rethink possibilities.