International school leadership teams change every year, throwing them back into transition...

Transition Coaching for Leaders and Teams

Avoid Transition Traps and Gain Momentum on your Most Important Goals

Avoiding transition traps helps avoid transition failure and accelerates return on investment in a new leader.

The school year gets busy fast. You need to move through transition more quickly to avoid getting stuck.

Move too fast and people resist. Move too slow and nothing changes. You took this job and joined this team because you are excited about the possibilities. But the pressure to deliver comes quickly.

Certified Transition Coaches can Help Your Team Succeed Faster

You need a structured approach.

Our certified First 90 Days® transition coaches provide a structured approach to transition that helps leaders map and manage their stakeholder needs, start strong, and develop and execute a transition plan to ensure success.

Individual Transition Coaching Overview

Sample 6 Month Coaching Program



Verbal 360

15 minute survey for each direct report to each program participant



2 Day Launch Workshop

Months 1-5


1 hour per week

Month 6

Next Steps

1 hour

Team Transition Coaching Overview


Team 360

30-60 minute interviews with each team member regarding their feedback for the team’s strengths and areas for development in terms of how the team members relate to each other and providing examples of current challenges.

2-hour session to debrief the Team 360, allow for open discussion and begin to prioritize areas of focus for team growth


Team Motivations

4-Hour Team building workshop to help the team better understand each persons motivations and what triggers their best and worst selves.

  • Develop understanding of self and team motivators
  • Build language and tools to continue to understand and build trust as a team
  • Each individual identifies specific actions to improve best self and avoid being triggered


Team Commitments

1-day workshop for the team to agree on areas of improvement, the commitments of all team members and how to measure those improvements.

Team members will also identify an individual growth goal that supports team alignment and commitments which they will work toward during the Developmental Sprint®.


Developmental Sprint® Launch


  • Help the leaders gain traction on their performance leadership goals with help of peers


  • 3-hr Launch Workshop
  • Weekly Experiments
  • Peer Coaching Groups
  • Optional 1:1 Coaching
  • 1-hr Closing Workshop

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