Connect your expectations with your teams’ motivations to unlock their full potential.

Perfomance Leadership™: Program and Diagnostic

A Human Centered Approach to Growing Performance

Performance Leadership™ is a better way to connect your business goals with your teams’ motivations to unlock their full potential.

This is not Performance Management

It is a human centered approach to get your people to bring the best of themselves to work.


The ADAPTIVE LEADERS Performance Leadership™ Model

Performance Leadership™ Diagnostic Report

Provides each participant a summary of how direct reports perceive their current performance leadership Gives specific feedback in each of the 4 areas: - Expectations - Motivations - Measurement - Accountability

Performance Leadership™ Team Motivations Profile

Provides participants with a list of the top 5 motivations for each of their direct reports by name Participants use the reports to customize their approach for each team member

Program Overview

6 Week Facilitated Program



Survey of
Direct Reports

15 minute survey for each direct report to each program participant

Week 1


2 Day Launch Workshop

Weeks 2-5

Peer Coaching

1 hour per week

Week 6


1 hour

Launch Workshop Overview


Set Clear Expectations


  • Understand how to set and maintain clear expectations
  • Leverage Performance Leadership Dashboard and questions to create and maintain clarity


  • Lego exercise #1
  • Roles Clarity Exercise
  • Expectations Role Play


Motivate your People to Perform


  • Understand the motivations of your people and how to connect them to expectations
  • Understand how to balance care and challenge


  • Motivational Profiles
  • Delegating to motivate
  • 1-on-1 insights & practice
  • Appreciation Exercise


Measure the Right Performance Areas


  • Understand the difference between KPI’s and KPI drivers
  • Define and implement KPI drivers for teams to accelerate growth


  • Discussion: Current KPI’s
  • KPI / KPI drivers worksheet and exercise


Provide Consistent Accountability


  • Learn and practice how to confront lack of performance
  • Having hard conversations


  • Accountability Simulation / Role Play
  • Accountability Staircase
  • Lego Exercise #2


Developmental Sprint® Launch


  • Help the leaders gain traction on their performance leadership goals with help of peers


  • 3-hr Launch Workshop
  • Weekly Experiments
  • Peer Coaching Groups
  • Optional 1:1 Coaching
  • 1-hr Closing Workshop

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